Oven Specifications

Pat's Wood Fired Pizza Ovens are solid cast with 50 mm of refractory cement. We don't use fire bricks as it's much easier to cook on a solid floor which provides better efficiency (less wood = less ash = less work). The ovens are lined with two types of thermal insulation and then covered in a 50 -75 mm render. This process, and being cast into a specific shape, ensures we maximize your ovens wood efficiency. The oven comes with a 3 mm steel plate door, or a 1.5mm stainless steel door.

Pat’s Wood Fired Pizza Ovens are family friendly, having a comfortable cooking width of just under 1 metre.  You can easily cook 3 x 12" pizzas or 2 x 18"  and keep 2 hot, or 2 large camp ovens in the oven at once.

Shown on the right we have photos of these arrangements without the oven walls.          For perspective we have include a couple of  billets of wood where your fire will be, we've marked with green tape approximately where the oven walls sit when constructed. 

The completed oven weight (without the base) is approximately 800 kg.  

Pats Wood Fired Pizza Ovens                    Base Requirements: 
Minimum base size is 1500 mm wide x 1600 mm deep for a straight build. An oven built into a corner can have the dimensions modified slightly to taper the rear of the oven into the corner. You will need roughly 1900mm from the corner junction to the front of the oven. The base must be built well enough to easily support the weight of the oven (approximately 800 kg).

We are happy to supply the oven base for you. A trolley style base that can be moved around is available upon request. This has been a popular option for some of our clients who plan to take their oven when or if they move. The price for a basic trolley is $2500 - $2700.  The additions including doors and shelving etc. are be priced on application.

We can also supply a fixed and finished base designed around your area or house theme (as shown in the Gallery Page). You can have a base built on site ready for us to build on. You may wish to supply us with a moveable trolley or base on which we can build the oven. We can then deliver the completed assembly ready to cook in. 

 (Please Note: The trolley option requires a flat hard surface to move the oven around on).

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