Cooking Styles

Our ovens have a cooking width of just under 1m or 96cm. This enables you to have multiple cooking options at the same time and/or cook for many people at once. Lots of people cook their meals for the next week during a cook up, while their having pizzas.

Pat’s Pizza Ovens are versatile and can be used to cook many different delicacies – not only pizzas! The wood and the coals give everything a beautiful smoky flavour. Most of us love food, and our ovens enhance the cooking experience and taste.Camp Oven: I have been cooking in camp ovens for a long time. I thought I was a pretty handy camp oven cook until I cooked my first one in my pizza oven. Well! This took my camp oven cooking to a whole new level. 

The consistent and evenly cooked meats and vegetables were just incredible. Make crackle like an expert.If you don’t own a camp oven, don’t worry! Any oven-proof dish can be used in the pizza oven. You can create your favourite roast, casserole, curries, pies, breads or desserts in the pizza oven. You won’t have to ask twice when inviting people for dinner.

Open Bake / Open Grill: Cooking on an open tray or grill will really infuse the smoky flavour through your food. The floor is always the hottest part of the oven so just be careful not to burn the bottoms. Breads and damper are simply cooked in these ovens. 

We have a dear friend, Melody who make the best pumpkin soup this side of the black stump. She open bakes the pumpkin in the oven first. Sorry Mel for letting the cat out of the bag. 

Try lamb or pork chops on the open grill!Whole Fish: Well, if you’re lucky enough to be able to get nice, fresh whole fish, particularly reef fish, man you’re in for a treat. Just wrap the fish in foil and lay it on a tray. Remember the bottom of the fish will cook first, then carefully turn over.

 Just simply divine!Pizza: Nearly everyone has a favourite pizza flavour, some don’t care they just like pizza. When you have your family and friends around it’s amazing how many chefs will suddenly evolve. It’s so easy to use, your children will soon be saying, “Hey Dad, let’s make a pizza together!”Pizza oven cooking options really are endless and only limited by your imagination.
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