Our Story

The Pat’s Pizza Oven story goes back some 15 years when we first developed our ovens with the guidance of Dan Kerridge, a master craftsman and beloved neighbour. We built an oven for each of our back yards and the rest is well “Piz-za-history”. 

The same moulds and materials are still in use today. They took us hundreds of hours to perfect and build. We are very happy to say they have proven the test of time and are a very efficient design indeed.We love our job! Why? It’s simple. 

Our work creates an atmosphere, a place where family and friends or colleagues and clients can just relax together with plenty to talk about.Our pizza ovens are an asset to your property. Their colour, their glow and their warmth make them an inviting feature in your outdoor kitchen/ backyard. The shape, construction and design are exceptional quality.Many of our clients have even named their ovens! “Let’s fire up Myrtle!”
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