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Wood Fired Pizza Ovens Using the Finest Materials

Pat’s Wood Fired Pizza Ovens is a family owned and operated business. We create these ovens to spread the absolute joy of cooking outside in a woodfired oven, with family and friends.

Pat's Wood Fired Pizza Ovens are hand crafted. No two are identical (apart from the internal, solid cast, floor and walls which are 50mm thick). We don't use any fire bricks in our ovens but rather cast 4 solid pieces to make the oven more efficient. 

The family sized cooking area  has the capability to cook 3-4 x 12" pizzas or 2 large camp ovens.  It's extremely versatile to match all your cooking needs. (See photos in our Oven Specs Page).

We at Pat's Wood Fired Pizza Ovens take great pride in our ovens. We get to showcase our craft and create a fantastic new outdoor lifestyle for our clients. Every wood fired oven we build is personalised to suit each clients vision. We listen to your ideas and plans to create the area you picture. There is a vast array of colours and finishes in our brochures or, we are happy to reuse old materials.

We offer 5 ways to have your oven built.

1st. Have your oven and base built, cured, fired and sealed ready for cooking, in our workshop. Have us deliver the completed assembly then crane or forklift into location.

 2nd. Have your oven built on a trolley then cured, fired and sealed ready for cooking, in our workshop. Have us deliver the completed assembly then the roll it into your area.

3rd. Have your base prepared in our workshop. Deliver and move the base into your location, then have the oven built at your home.

 4th. Have a completed base ready for us to build your oven on.  All the specific requirements for the base are on our next page (Oven Specs).

                                                                                                               5th.Have the completed assemble (option 1) freighted anywhere in Australia.

Pat's Wood Fired Pizza Ovens are always happy to answer queries in your planning and once your oven is up and running.

Call Pat to arrange your free quote today!

Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

"Our Wood fired Pizza oven by Pat is the focal point of our back patio.
Happy Customer.
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